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amyrose226 January 6th, 2014 07:55 PM

Aristodemo Baigler, Artist born 1928
We have an oil on canvas by this artist passed down from family. We have no information regarding the artist, title of work, nothing. It is in an ornate gold frame in excellent condition. I will attach pictures of this work for your review. I have done some research and found some of his works that were sold, but nothing matches mine, so it may be an original. I believe this work is from sometime in mid 20th century. Any information that you can give us will be very much appreciated i.e. where to go for appraisal, where to sell, etc. Thank you in advance for your consideration to this request.

Sorry cannot attach the file of photos.

The painting is of a man think a shoemaker sitting at work bench looking at two young boys looking into store through glass windows or doors.

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