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oil painting by Peter

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  • oil painting by Peter

    I have an oil painting signed by Peter. It is roses in a vase. There are some numbers and letters that are also hidden in the painting that I cannot really make out. Looks pretty old. Came out of the attic. I can take a picture of it and put it on here if anyone would like.

    Thank you

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    Peter painting

    Hello! Did you figure out who is this Peter? I recently bouht oil painting signed "Peter" and must be quite old too. Very nice picture! I am trying to identify the artist, however it is not that simple having only "Peter" on canvas. Please let me know. I will also appreciate very much if you could send me a photo of signature from your painting, so we could at least know if we have the same artist to recognize. We did you buy your painting? I am located in Canada.
    Thanks, Vlad

    my e-mail: [email protected]


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      I too have a beautiful oil painting by Peter. Of a street scene in Europe


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        Peter Painting.

        The painting is lovely -could be of street in Marseille or Italy.


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          I also just bought a painting with the name is of the golden gate bridge...has anyone figured out who this is?


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            i also have a canvas oil painting of roses in around green vase and is by peter


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              I have an oil painting signed "Peter" It is of a street scene. It has several ladies walking toward what appears to be some sort of municipal building. The scene is not anywhere in the US unless it is New Orleans,LA or Mobile,AL. Does anyone know who this artist is.


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                peter painting

                We have 2 paintings and they are very beautiful. I also would like info on the artist. We bought the paintings 20 years ago at an art show and liked them but got no information on the artist. If anyone can find out let us know. One of an old building like an old church, and 1 is of streets, buidings and people walking about, looks like somewhere in Italy maybe.


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                  oils by 'peter'

                  we have uncovered a picture from our office loft space, switch looks like Hong Kong harbour. in oils signed by peter. has anyone come up with a answer on who the artist is?




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                    PAINTING by Peter

                    I also have a large Street Scene painting (maybe Europe) signed Peter. I received it along with a large Street Scene in Paris painting signed Ver Men. The paintings are very simiar in style and were bought together at auction over 30 years ago. I would love to get info. on these paintings.


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                      i allso have a painting signed peter,it looks like a canadian landscape,a lake surrounded by a dense forest with a mountainous sun set background.i inerrited from my grandad who had it as long as i can remember. does any one know who this man is where hes from etc....thank u


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                        ricky d,

                        I attended an auction recently and purchased an oil painting by Peter which fits your description. Do you still have thae painting? Does it have a small waterfall at the bottom of the painting? Have you found out any further information about this artist? What state did or does your grandfather live? I too am curious about the artist. Thank you.


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                          Art Lover

                          I have an oil painting signed Peter of the Grand Canal in Venice. Any info on this?


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                            pictures by peter mines a chinese junk

                            I also have a picture by peter, on the back is a receipt from the london portrait gallery co unfortunately they have no current address which is a shame as there is a sales number so it could be traced. Perhaps if you look on the back of any of yours you might find some trace of its origins


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                              I also have a painting

                              My painting is of a street in maybe paris, just signed Peter...

                              Any help would be appreciated

                              [email protected]


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