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    Good morning, one and all. New to this forum, and I have a couple of questions I was hoping the more learned members could answer.

    The first one involves French Impressionist Pierre Coutant. I have a beautiful print of his entitled "Lilac Pond", which he signed at the bottom with his last name, and also the title (in pencil). The print itself is about 2 feet by 18 inches (referring to the actual print, the white border on which it is laid down is significantly larger). My problems are two-fold: first, I can't find any information on Coutant. I did finally find two paintings of his that had been auctioned off, but no information on the artist and his works. One individual told me she thought he was active in the 1920s-1950s, but wasn't sure. I have contacted a number of art museums in France, with no reply as of yet, so thought I would try here.

    Secondly, I'm not sure what kind of print it is. The fact that the artist had signed it, and also made a number of pencil marks around the border of the print hints to me that it may be the artist's proof, but I don't know. Close examination with a strong lens shows no pixels, and a definite, sophisticated layering of colors and tones throughout the painting. My art experience is, as yet, too limited to be able to tell what sort of print this might be, so I would appreciate any and all thoughts. My thanks in advance.

    A correction, based on further closeup research. The signature is actually "Conthonts". I have found a few of his/her paintings selling for quite modest sums, but still no information on the artist.
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    Curious. Did you find any additional info?


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