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S. Hilgle Mystery Painter.

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  • S. Hilgle Mystery Painter.

    This is a strange one. A gallery in AZ. has about 5 oils by this same name and a woman as the subject. They got theres at an estate sale. In the conversation with the Gallery they said the Painter might of been a female with the first name of Sara. No one has any further information on the painter. I purchased the picture enclosed from a Antique store and said they had gotten this from an estate sale.
    Any further information on the artist or of other paintings by the artist would be welcome. Just trying to get a date that this one was painted.
    Thank you in advance.
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    Easy enough to see what gallery you're referring to. Here's another painting by S. Hilgle, from eBay: 6its%3DI%252BC%26itu%3DUA%26otn%3D5%26pmod%3D28046 4030577%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D9133846133984632192&_t rksid=p4340.l2557&item=140774133713&nma=true&rt=nc &si=GfUF1oXQfJLhFmgiSy8nmIAcFB0%253D&orig_cvip=tru e&rt=nc


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      Hi and thank you for the reply. I had found the above links and they don't seem to have any information either. I'm really starting to wonder if this was signed under another name. and the local ancestry library in Houston?s does not have any listing of a Hilgle in Canada, Australia, or the Northern states. The name does not show any hits. Could this be an immigrant painting done in mass and signed by a fictitious name maybe?


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        Deja Vu

        I have a painting by this person too. I have talked to the gallery as well as they were the only place I could find information with this name associated with it. I had listed my painting on ebay, to see if somewhere in the world someone knew this name! I did not get a reply.

        The gallery in Arizona may be referring to Sara Hingle who also paints women. When I google searched S. Hilgle, that was the name that kept coming up as a correction to the search.

        My painting is a table with dead pheasants recently hunted, so you can see how confusing this has become when all anyone has are women! Obviously this person existed. The question is, why do they not seem to exist in the art world, or even in the world as we know it? They must be painting under a different name as you suggested.

        I wonder why? And if they are... I hope when it all ends, we find that their real name is Picasso.


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          I saw the painting that you posted on Ebay and you are correct it does not make much sense that the subject mater is so different. Yours may of been one of the artist earlier paintings. They all came from estate sales is strange also. That means that they have been around for a little while. I got looking at the signature that I posted and thought the first letter could be a G Hilgle. It would be nice if it was famous person but I will not hold my breath. I will keep searching until I find a answer. I will post anything that I find. Thanks for the update.


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            is S. Hilgle, Charles Hilgner?

            I started looking up similar artists names close to our Hilgle as that name seems a dead end, and found the next one closest. It could be using the S from Charles as our S, and the last name is not that far off. Found only one painting by this person and its called "The Offering". Its of a man presenting dead animals (bounty) to his love. There are dead birds among them. Seems close to the theme my painting has. Maybe he moved on from there to more contemporary women types. And then changed his name or died. (Charles died early 1900's) Notice the long line in his signature in the Offering? Was that done back then? Or does it seem somewhat the same?

            The Offering went up for auction once but it did not sell. Est 2000-3000.


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              I don't really see any similarity. I doubt Hilgner is the artist.


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                I'm having mine appraised. I will let you know if I am able to find anything else out about it!


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                  Sounds great.

                  I do enjoy a good research project. I'm still digging for information.
                  Thanks again.


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                    Can't tell you about the painter. I don't know anything about this picture, haven't seen it before. But i liked the composition. Looks just like real!


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                      S,. Hilgle

                      I've owned an oil by Hilgle for 52 years.T he same model as in the oil you pictured.


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                        Very Cool.

                        Hi was yours obtained from an estate sale up in the northern U.S.?
                        That is a common thing so far. Do you have any further information that you could share as to the place you obtained yours 52 years ago?
                        Thank you for posting.


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                          S. Hilgle Painting

                          I also have a painting by S. Hilgle. Inherited from grandparents. It's of a dark-haired woman. Her pose is exactly like one of the paintings by S. Hilge in the gallery in AZ. I wonder if it is part of another series of paintings of dark-haired women. I have not been able to find any information on the artist.


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                            May be older than expected.

                            I'm still researching every week.. Are you up North or South?
                            52 years on the last person and your grandparents had it for some time maybe?
                            I have looked in books and still researching internet. I have looked in old papers. I want to take it to the Roadshow If I can get a ticket. I have also been trying to determine country by the style of letters signed in the painting. Kind of looks German to me. The Hunt continues. Thanks for the Post.


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                              S. Hilgle Painting

                              Grandparents who had this painting lived in south western Minnesota.
                              I hope you make it to the Roadshow!


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