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    I started to think maybe it's fine to create a thread for random absurd stories that have no any real meaning or anything. This thread is just for letting out some steam, letting your thoughts to flow freely and maybe through that gain some new ideas or whatever solutions. We could also continue each other's stories and this is why I would prefer to name these stories so that we know if stories are linked.

    I shall begin.

    Story name: Alive.

    When Richard woke up in his bed, he first noticed he wasn't really awake. He was half awake, but unable to move himself. It was as if he was possessed, and as he rose up, it wasn't a choice made by him, but by someone else that was working through him.

    At first he thought he still might be sleeping. But it wasn't that. Reality was way too real. He even noticed a girl he had brought in his flat after last night's party. She was drinking tea in the kitchen and she was all real, probably more real then before. As Richard was unable to use the words he wanted, it all still felt artificial. He was just a passenger.

    He started to panic. This panic was not a typical sensation, it didn't flow through his whole body, but it was rather that if all of a sudden he, Richard, was located just in a tiny part of his brain, without connection to most of his body's processes. Was he possessed? Was there some demonic element involved? He thought it for a second, but it didn't feel possible. He didn't believe in those kind of things, not at least on regular basis.

    What was it then? Strange illness? Maybe, but as this phenomenon continued, it became more and more clear that he, or his body, was controlled by his environment. It was either the electronic devices that altered his brain processes or there were some more hidden elements carefully placed in this apartment so that his movements could be controlled as if someone had a remote control.

    Why this was obvious for him? It was all the little details that pointed towards this strange plot. He, although he was not in control, could notice that something strange had happened to his television set. He had left in on for whole night and now there was a strange glow in the picture.

    (to be continued)

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    Hey its good..waiting for another one. When would you publish the rest of the story??


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      Almost a year and no part two . This would make a great writing prompt.
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        Wow, something like Kafka's The Metamorphosis!


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