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Mysterious hidden painting....

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  • Mysterious hidden painting....

    Years back I was at a thrift store. They had a hideous poster / print in an odd frame - the odd frame being the reason I even looked at it. Very thick frame, almost like a shadowbox. I noticed the glass, that was broken, was made so that one could slide it out from the front, unusual. It was broken anyway, and I got it out. A nice frame really, for such a cheap item. Then I saw the cheap, ugly, print had like a thing sticking out the bottom of it, I used my keys to get it out and it was a pull tab. Pulled on the worthless, ugly, print, it had hinges on it, lifted up and exposed a painting.

    To add to this oddness, the painting, on canvass, had been cut out of whatever frame it had been in originally, and not very well. It was now mounted on a cardboard mat type thing, and not very well. Someone had taken a black marker and marked around the edge of the cardboard.

    So we have a painting that was cut out of a frame, quickly and / or crudely, and hidden. Perhaps my imagination is overactive, but this really seems a bit off to me.

    The hidden painting is what I have pictured here. Knowing what I know now, that store did zero checking for anything. I know I missed some deals. There was even a guy that got gold there, they didn't do any checking on anything. Here's the painting. I have never been able to get any information on it, not that I really tried much. I would love to know more about it. I have been unable to find an artist with this name that matches; perhaps I am reading it wrong.
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    Interesting painting. I have no idea what the signature could say.

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