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Identifying Artist and name of Art Piece - Japanese Modern Art

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  • Identifying Artist and name of Art Piece - Japanese Modern Art

    Hello. I stumbled across this website thanks to a google search, so if this is the wrong place for this sort of question please excuse me.

    In 2012 I was in Israel, and I happened to go to the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in the city of Haifa. During my visit I vividly remember an modern art exhibit: a CRT monitor, showing a looping black and white 7-8 minute video of what the plaque described as "potential erotica for toddlers in the future". This was quite startling, to say the least, but I can't say I thought too much about it until recently.

    A few days ago, however, something came along and jogged that memory; a discussion online regarding how certain online personalities utilize eroticized childishness to sell products. This immediately brought to mind the art piece I saw all those years ago, and I wanted to share the very surreal video experience with others who participated in that discussion.

    Now, beyond just not recalling the artist or the name of the piece, I am also very weary of trying to look for it online. I imagine just typing "erotica" and "toddlers" in the google search bar will put me on an FBI list somewhere. So instead, I have come to ask those who might have the knowledge to assist me.

    Again, if you do not deal in modern art, or if this is the wrong forum entirly, I once again apologize. But if you can help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Yikes, I started down the same path for you and I am literally afraid to do that search. I think it would be unwise for anyone to try just in case they get caught up in some kind of broad sweep.

    The Tikotin museum has a past exhibitions archive. This would cover temporary exhibitions. I took a look at what was happening around 2011-2012 and this is the only exhibition that looks like it might fit.

    Overall your best strategy might be to telephone the museum and ask Information if they know who the artist is. I'm not sure I'd want to send an email about this subject for the same reasons.


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