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    Hey team. Just got the piece below and need help with the signature. Must be a Norwegian artist because the words “lito tresnitt sjablong” translates "litho woodcut stencil"
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    looks like Ann Ko-something


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      Yes I think the first name is Ann too


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        Anyone else have a guess? (Eirene or John )


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          ok here's my thought...
          first I don't see ANN... one thing if it was a women's name, it would be written neater...hope that's not sexist..but I would think it would be definitely a better I see like Ami(but not dotted, so?) Also what is the dash?..or I though a name like Amy..the y is just not done well, but ended and looked like a dash...But thast goes back to i don't think it is a girl name(women's)--too messy(lol-sorry)
          last name: Komisjm... there is a word SAJBLONG...see the "SJ" spelled part... could a name have that but it is not dotted, so cap letter?..being Norweigian? the last letter(s) of the last name could be almost anything. I decide it was a "m" too..because the i is what else would be the last hump between
          hope that is too confusing-- couldn't find any by googling either...

          so after re reading this..I think I have no clue either.
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            If the artist is Norwegian, could the first name be Arn? Seriously, is that Norwegian? I don't know. [Postscript: The Nordic Names Wiki, which is a thing, says yes. ]

            I played with the spelling of the last name in, which is a tool I use to look for known artists or even to see if a certain string is part of a plausible name. Nothing useful came up. Closest I can get is Konic-- or Komiv--?? It does look like after what could conceivably be "Komiv", the artist picked up the pencil and put it down a little to the right, presumably to draw a separate letter or even to begin a separate word. Just guessing of course.


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              Thanks guys. This is a tough one that may just go unsolved


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