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  • Painting by Emerson

    I'm looking for help identifying this artist - I have a painting that has a signature "Emerson" at the bottom but I can't find a first name. There is a stamp on the canvas in the back that says "france" and something in red letters that isn't really legible. I'd love anyone's help with figuring out the first name or more info on this painting!

    Thank you!
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    Hello shawneam;

    I am by no means an expert, however, there are a lot of artists by the name of Emerson and I don't believe that this is one of them. I think perhaps that this is one of those mass produced paintings from a factory. I could be wrong, just a guess, a not so educated one at that. You will also see a lot of paintings depicting Africa that are similar, and they don't originate in Africa.



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      Thanks for your response. I suppose I'm definitely not as educated as I would like to be regarding paintings! This is definitely a painting on canvas - so even those are mass factory produced? Is there anyway to find a factory mark that will help to determine if that is the caes? Yes, I've found several Emerson painters, but obviously haven't matched this signature or found a first name. Thanks again for your help!


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        An interesting article about the so called art factories,00.html


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          I purchased one by the same author.
          The style, the signature are identical to yours.
          My painting has a house by a lake.

          I am 100% sure my painting and yours are by the same Emerson.
          Please let me know if you've found out anything!!!!



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            have a painting that is by emerson with france on the back and red letter words that read "Eeple Des Arts" with a symbol underneath. Any information please help


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              We just purchased a painting by Emerson that is very similar to yours, to include the same signature style!


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                Emerson Artist

                Just got back from a vacation in Anna Maria Island, Florida. There is an artist there with the first name Emerson who has his own gallery of paintings. He did live/study/paint in Europe previously. Perhaps this is the one you're looking for? I know it's been a few years, but thought I would try to answer.

                Emerson Humor-An Emerson Quillin Signature Store

                5306 Holmes Blvd,Suite 700, Holmes Beach FL 34217

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                  group #851

                  i have a painting by the same artist with an auction paperwork on the back it say it was framed in mexico and was a 2 piece set which i have both. the way he signed your painting is the same on both of mine.


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                    Same artist

                    I have a painting of a winter scene with a brook or small river that is by the same artist. I love it. Can't find any information on the artist though. I'll be watching for help.


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                      I too have a very nice Emerson Painting I just acquired in Ohio. It measures 5 feet by 24 plus inches and depicts a mountain in the distance with a pond meandering towards it while the trees on the shoreline are going through their fall color changes. I tried to find some information on this artist but couldn't find anything. It would be really nice to be able to document these paintings in some kind of format and start narrowing down where they may have originated from. If I could figure out how to post pictures here I would gladly share mine!


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                        Emerson Mountain Painting

                        I just acquired a very nice and LARGE Emerson painting in Ohio! I have also tried locating information on this artist with no success... We need to document where peple are locating these and document them in a pictoral nature to try and envoke someone who may have information to come forward. It appears that this is one individual with a few paintings out there....unsure of the age of mine but looking at the painted frames of mine and the other one pictured that pulls out the primary color, I would guess the early 70's.
                        Click image for larger version

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                        Click image for larger version

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                        Click image for larger version

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                          I have 2 emerson oils both are tree scenes in autumn. one is signed d.emerson "56" the above painting looks like same artist though mine has first inital d. and dated. The paintings are so beautiful ,that I became curious who the artist is. They are timeless. The signature is also the same "Emerson", is this a much copied factory painter? The paintings have a new england or possibly nj farm fall season landscape. Thank you emerson, whoever you are -your paintings are peaceful and I will adore their beauty.


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                            hi i have a painting of emerson it looks like this one but i will like to see if any one can help me out please email me at [email protected]


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                              what is the dollar price of along rainbow row by emerson


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