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Help identifying painting signed SATYA.

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  • Help identifying painting signed SATYA.

    I am looking for some help identifying a painting done by an artist named SATYA. The painting is of the NYC skyline from the NJ side of the Hudson River. I would like Any biographical information that one can offer. Thank You, BMK1962
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      Hi I also have a painting by this artist, again an abstract cityscape.

      Have you found any more info?


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        Kollektor - I am still looking into it, I have a painting on a hard canvas. Someone attached a link that brought me to a site that had prices for paintings on what looked like cloth canvas. Not sure where to go from here, Not sure if it is a mass reproduction or what. The link is from an earlier response, If you fine anthing please get back to me.. Thank you..


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          Here's a link to a past eBay auction of a modern art painting by Satya where the seller identifies him as being from Egypt. Unfortunately the pictures are no longer available so it may or may not be a valid lead.


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            another Satya Painting

            Thought you guys would be interested....found another one:


            Description is pretty interesting.
            I am thinking he/she has to be a NY painter, or extremely fond of NY,
            As this is the 4th cityscape i have seen from him/her.


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              one more



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                Painting by Satya

                I also have a NYC riverscape by Satya. It probably dates from around 1961. I love it! I've been looking for any info on the artist for some time!


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                  Satya paintings

                  I have one too, and I know where it came from because I bought it myself in 1968 by mail order purchase. Mine is in the same warm colors as the first posting and is framed with the simple gold colored frame as seen on one of the others. NY skyline sunrise, as I recall. I ordered two, the other in muted grays and darker tones; my brother bought that one. They were sold with a money back guarantee and could be returned if you didn't like it, He was billed as an unknown artist, probably painted them quickly in an abstract manner, and sold them this way as a step up from the popular "starving artist" sale. Remember what the late 50's were like?


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                    i bought 2 paintings by this artist in new york summer 1969

                    very interested to know more about the artist

                    rgds terje


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                      I just found a painting signed was sitting on a sidewalk wedged between garbage. It caught my eye and I am so glad I took a second out of my day to look. It is a gorgeous painting of the nyc skyline and brooklyn/new jersey (not sure ). Original painting. Cloth canvas.

                      Anyone have any news or information on this artist.



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                        More Satya

                        We bought a Satya oil on canvas in 1955 or so from Starving Artist studio for $100. Abstract view of GW Bridge from NJ side. Still hanging in our house. Still love it. Anyone know if the artist is still alive and does he (or she) have representation?


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                          I have one also. I was gifted this Satya from the Estate of a man that had a retail store very much on the same scale as Bachendrofs. He was an avid art collector. The Satya is also a Cityscape with people standing beside the water. The colors are blues,oranges and reds.
                          Would love to know more about this myself. It is on masonite and it measures 30" X 18". FJS


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                            I have two of these, one big, one small, that I rescued when my grandparents house when it was being emptied. I understand they're of little value, but curious to know more about them.


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                              BTW: I think there are at least two different artists signing as Satya and painting skylines. If you look at some of the links posted here, both the painting style and signature are very different to the picture here (which is the same St.e and signature as my two).


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