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Help! Identify the artist. French?

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  • Help! Identify the artist. French?


    I would be grateful for all the help I could get to identify the painter of this painting. Could it be 1700th, 1800th? French? Joncherie?

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    It looks fairly similar to this work as well as several others by William Buelow Gould. A few of the paintings I can see online even have a mini barrel in it, although not identical to the one in this work. Of course I have no way of evaluating your painting's age or the quality of craftsmanship, other than to say it's not obviously inferior to Gould's work.


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      Just to add, this scene is more typical of European painting from the 1700s or even the 1600s, especially Dutch painting. If it is a copy then that's what I would guess, but newly discovered paintings from that long ago are quite a rarity. On the other hand, if it were an original work by Gould it would date from the mid 1800s and that wouldn't be very uncommon.


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        Hello John,

        I searched for Goulds works and as you said it is similar to his kind of works. I understand that it is hard to evaluate the painting trough a picture. I bought the painting trough an auction house and it has been in a French mans collection before. They thought it was a made by Gabriel joncherie but you are never sure that's why I try to research a little bit by myself. I appreciate the help and information.


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          I still think Gould is closer, but that's only based on whatever paintings I can see in Google Images. And perhaps the owner or the auction house had some reason to believe it was by Joncherie.

          I took a look at the selection of auction prices in, and works definitely attributed to both artists can sell in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, so it could be worth getting another expert opinion. It's a free site, so you can see for yourself. Of course it's hard to say anything with confidence when there is no signature.


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