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Unknown artist...can anyone read signature/recognize work?

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  • Unknown artist...can anyone read signature/recognize work?

    So these two paintings hung in a relative's house for years before said relative passed away and the artworks were sent off to Goodwill. I've always wondered who the artist was and, if possible, I could find another copy of them. The two paintings were both signed by the same author but I can't for the life of me read his/her signature: (the signature is not visible but is the same as the other one) (this one has the signature in clear view at the bottom)

    Many thanks!

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    There's an artist named Alida Van Gores. You can find a few of her works online and they look not unlike this. Luckily her works do not appear to be too valuable.


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      Thank you!

      Oh my God! Thank you so much! I checked the signatures and they look the same You are awesome.


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        Aleta Van Gores

        You might have a Aleta Van Gores she was a artist in Laguna Beach she passed away 30 years ago of Cancer and she was 32 years old . I have one of her pieces she was beautiful we went the High School together . I do have a bio on her its a image I ]THINK I figured out how to attach it the article . I have mine pasted to the back. I just was rehanging it and found it again after all these years
        I was posting it on Facebook and somehow found this question ! I am sure its her .. You could check it out Leuzinger High School on Facebook . I also attache a photo of my print so you can see her style- the article has her signature above.
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          In Laguna Beach we had 2 artists named Alida Van Gores - mother and daughter. Alida (senior) did very popular oil paintings of the ocean, while young Alida painted a greater variety of subjects.

          She had her "serious" paintings and those that supported her and sold at Laguna Beach Art Festival. When she left this world for another, her daughter was 2, I think, and her name was, again I think, Holland Van Gores, but that was decades back.

          I have several water colors by Alida the younger: a triptych - delicate iris, a single iris, and a wonderfully playful animal. I also have a large water color of a faery.

          If you would like to see any of these and live in south Orange County, feel free to email me.


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            Alida Van Gores

            Yes, Alida van Gores - the mother - I also have some of her paintings...impressionistic images of ocean and forest...also a more modern painting of San Francisco...purchased at the Laguna art festival 1970's-1980's in Laguna Beach, CA.


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              Artist Known

              Hi, The artist is a woman and her last name is Van Gores. I met her at an outside art show in Torrance CA in the mid 70's. She had beautiful works of art in oil using a palette knife not a brush. I loved one of her works called "Oyster Bay" but it was not the right size. I told her that I would love a triptych of that same scene.

              She told me to come back the following day. I did and purchased the three paintings each with her signature. They are still hanging in my living room some 40 years later and I still love them. She was probably in her 40's at that time. Hope this helps you.


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                confused by artist a van gores

                I have a painting by her but its primitive and not at all like these others. Could it be the same A Van Gores?



                I have another one called Mr. Snickers and its much larger than this, a brown cat. They are gorgeous and I love them. Bought in 1993 in Menlo Park or Palo Alto at a street fair, from the artist herself. Love them both! Is it the same lady?? How is that possible.


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                  Alida VanGores

                  Alida and I were classmates at Leuzinger High School in Hawthorne CA. She was a very pretty girl and a great athlete. She could run like the wind! Our families (four kids each) grew up together.
                  They moved down to Laguna Beach in the 70's where her father built a house near the beach. I remember going down there when he was building it. That's where Alida and her mom set up their art studio. The last time I saw Alida was at the Sawdust Festival in the 80's. She did have a daughter named Holland and she is doing well. My brother and his wife Marina (Alida's younger sister) adopted her!
                  Anyway, It's good to hear that her art is still enjoyed. I have a few dozen prints of the art Alida sold at the Sawdust Festival. I've had them in a box for many years. They're "small" type prints (12"X12") and would call them "whimsical". I really don't know what to do with them. If anyone has an interest in them let me know.
                  Steve Webber


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                    Alita Van Gore painting

                    I saw this painting today at a Goodwill in Valencia, CA. I looked up her name and came across several posting on her art work. It's sad to find out this artist dies young if cancer but beautiful to know that many people have her art work and she lives on through her art work. I would have purchased the one I saw today but it was too large for the Townhome I live in. It's ashamed that her painting is in a Goodwill store and should be hanging in a beautiful home. It this pushing allowed for pictures I would have uploaded it to share her beauty with others. I took a picture of it on my smartphone and can send it to anyone who would like to see it.


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                      I bought more than a dozen of Alida's whimsical pig watercolrs. They were just delightful. "Pig on a Hog" , Porkestra,crispy bacon,Swinacologist... So many fun and creative ways to draw pigs. My favorite is Pigcasso. I am sad to hear she died so young I bought these pieces at Sawdust festival in Laguna. Framed to enjoy now and my granddaughters love them too. Debbie S.


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                        Hello, I just purchased at auction a lovely seaport palette knife painting signed Van Gores and van gores studio on back. Mostly beige white brown. Found it's way to Pittsburgh Pa. Which Van Gores would this be? says South Laguna Ca and phone number on back 714 area code.


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                          I have another painting with VAN GORES on it but it doesnt have an A. Van Gores. no A in front of it and its alot different that that.


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                            My mother has had these paintings since the 70s. They seem to be very different from those shown above, but they are signed 'Van Gores'. The three signatures are different from each other as well. One is just 'Van Gores', one is 'A. Van Gores', and one is 'E.W. Van Gores'. The 'G's in the signatures are looped. Can anyone tell me if these were painted by any of the Van Gore family in Laguna Beach, CA? My mother attended the Laguna Beach Art Festival for many years. She died last year and we found these paintings, and others, among her things. We plan on framing and hanging them and would like to know more about the artist that my mom loved so much. Anyone?...

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Van_Gores_Sunflower_50.jpg
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Name:	A_Van_Gores_50.jpg
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Name:	Van_Gores_w_EW_50.jpg
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                              I came upon this today I bought it for 10 bucks....


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