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Wallace Nutting Hand Colored Photo Notation Questions

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  • Wallace Nutting Hand Colored Photo Notation Questions

    Have a couple of questions about this hand-colored Wallace Nutting photograph. The only information that came with it was the tattered remnants of a sticker indicating it had been purchased at a university art bookshop in Kansas. The photograph is titled "Wistaria Gate" (noted mis-spelling), with what appears to be Nutting's signature. I know that's probably unlikely, that he would sign something mis-spelled, and I've also read that a number of his colorists attached his name to things. The other question is on the photo itself. A closeup reads "Capt. (or Copt.) 1910 (corrected to 1911) W. Nutting." Is the Capt./Copt. meant to indicated a copyright date, or perhaps the date he "captured" the image?? Any and all thoughts welcome.
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    "Captured" sounds like a good explanation. It doesn't look like "Copt", and I don't think that is a likely abbreviation for copyright.

    I have a silkscreen which has an error in the title. I know it's authentic because I purchased it from the artist, but it drives me crazy. Anyway these things do happen. In fact there have been several cases that showed up here where the work seems authentic but the artist has misspelled their own name. Hard to believe, but maybe fatigue from signing too many prints at once leads to carelessness.


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      Thanks, John. Much appreciated.


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