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  • Looking for A. Marc Painting

    Greetings MelieB,

    Thanks for sharing your portraits with us. I am posting an answer here in Questions forum.

    I did some surfing today to see if I could find any information for you. All I could find was a few more folks wanting info on A. March prints - printed from the same company. More than likely, this company did lithograph prints (lithography is a form of printing). Now many companies use modern technology (digital methods).

    Your A. Marc print was printed in Zurich, Switzerland by Stehli Freres, Editeurs. 1036 prints were made - yours is number 83. Stehli Freres produced many prints by artists of the time.

    "Generally the value of antique or vintage prints is dependant on the printing method, medium, the artist, the subject and the art's condition. Stehli Freres prints currently vary in price from $5 up and are usually under $100.00." (found this on another site).

    Lago di Lugano is a lake near Lugano, Switzerland. I found some beautiful photographs of it - but no info on A. Marc.

    I looked up Wilhelm Marc (as that name has also been brought up here) - Wilhelm Marc (German, 1839-1907). I found in our archives that the real name may be "Markovitch". His work was probably printed in the 1930's. I didn't have any luck surfing that name, however.

    Some info on this printing company:

    Stehli Freres 1902-1995
    Zurich, Switzerland

    The Stehli brothers were an important printer of art books and fine prints. They also produced many high quality postcards in continuous tone color lithography. They are especially known for their artist signed cards of views and of animals. The borders on many of their cards are irregular to simulate the deckle of a fine art print. Stehli Freres was purchased by Rosenstiel’s in 1995. (from this site:

    Not much help....

    Judy Decker

    Originally posted by MelieB
    On the back it says A Marc pinx, Lago di Lugano. Serie 1036 No. 83, and the printers Stehli Freres, Editeurs, Zurich. It is a beautiful watercolour painting in very muted tones with the detail drawn over in pastel or charcoal. Does anyone know where the original painting may be?


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    Hi Judy,
    Thanks very much for taking the time to help in my search for info about A Marc. Seems like he was a very prolific artist by all the comments ,and yet not that much is known about him.
    Best wishes


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      A.Marc / Marc is a pseudonym for the real artist Nicolas Markovitch

      Artist Bio (To the best of Mark Strong's research, Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc)
      (check also comments section)

      google image search: Nicolas Markovitch

      another thread started in 2006 in artconversation and answered by davidwalker and Daniele Marc helps to corroborate Mark Strongs research


      P.s. Credit goes to Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., East Aurora, NY, for the bulk of the research.


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        Several years ago I came to acquire 2 lithos of Marc (Nicholas Markovitch). Today I carefully opened the back of one and there was a Stehli Brothers stamp with the same exact series and number. Does this mean MelieB no longer has hers and now I have it? Or could their be two of the same? Mine has a stamp that says Serie 1036 No. 83 Lago di Lugano, A. Marc pinx. Stehli Freres, Editeurs, Zurich, etc. etc.


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          I also have series 1036 No. 14 as well. Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, Markusturm but the copyright stamp looks different and says Gebr. Stehli AG, Zurich. I wonder why the two stamps in the same series are different?


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            I am sure I am too late to join but I found you by googling my water painting from Marc, Copyright by Stehli Freres, Editors, Zurich, no series no. Anyone interested? It is height 1' 5", width 1' 3.5 ". This is what I see inside the frame only.


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              I have a Marque Deposee Serie 1036 NO.41 I believe titled Environs de Villars et Dents du Midi
              A. Marc pinx
              Stehli Freres, Editeurs, Zurich
              it is hand numbered I believe on top right corner. N 4.15 and signed Marc on front of painting.
              Looks to be watercolor mountains house fence tress on thick old paper anyone have any info


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                I have a Marque Deposee Serie 1020: No. 51 Paris Notre-Dame et Quai St-Michel per A. Marc


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                  Is stehli and artist or print company ?


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                    I have a Marque Deposse Serie 1211 No. 2, Thoniers a Concirneau. Marc


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                      I have a Serie 99 No. 1 4 Planches Clair De Lume Moonlight


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                        I have a print with a copyright stamp that says Marque deposee ,SERIE 1036 NO 48, JUNGFRAU, A.Marc, pinx, Stehli Feres, Editeurs, Zurich then it has 561 written in lead pencil under it.
                        In another corner it has 250. It has MARC signature on front.


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                          Sharing a print (Approx.16 1/2 " x 11 3/4 "). Information is welcomed.The print is in excellent condition. Marque deposee Serie 164 : No.1. ......4 Voiliers (sailing ships) par Ricciardi. Stehli Freres, Editeurs Zurich Switzerland. Thank you and enjoy. Mike P.S. This is a copy right print. I can't see
                          if you can notice this at the most top of information tag.
                          Attached Files


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                            I just bought a Marc litho at a thrift store for $8. It is marked Serie 1036 No. 29 Werdenberg. Then it has A. Marc, pinx. Copyright Stehil FreresS.A., Editeurs, Zurich. Printed in Switzerland. It is a beautiful watercolor of a river or pond in forefront, with a small village one side of the bank; a few churches are discernable, and mountains back behind the village. I'd love to know the value. It is in great shape, with nice greens, blues, and tan coloring.


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                              I have an old Stehli Freres ed. Numbered wooded jigsaw Renoir puzzle. Never been used. I cannot find ANY info online about the printer producing puzzles ??? Anybody know anything that may help ?


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