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  • Lost and Stolen Art

    I've been looking at several databases which document lost and stolen art (including works seized/looted during the World War II era). Some also document recovered art whose rightful owner has not been identified.

    These reports are usually accompanied by photographs of the work, unfortunately usually taken for the purposes of documenting them item rather than showing off its artistic value.

    I've added a few listings, for now sticking them in the "Other Sites" category on the artist's page. For an example, see the Renoir page.

    Anyway I'm looking for feedback from anyone who can suggest how these reports can be of use, and how Artcyclopedia can "add value" to what organizations like Interpol, the FBI and the Lost Art Database are already doing. It seems to me like the information could be of interest to art historians, collectors and dealers, but I'd love to hear specific examples of how these databases are used and suggestions for ways we could present the information usefully.

    John Malyon

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    Lost and Stolen Art

    Greetings John,

    I think this is a great idea......

    I will share this new feature with the Art Education list serves. I know they can tie it in with aesthetic issues in art (Valuing Art).

    I know that compiling all of the information will be a lot of work for you.
    I will get some feedback for you.


    Judy Decker
    ArtConversation Member


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      Lost and Stolen Art

      Here is some feedback from an art educator who will use these links.

      From Michele,

      I think some really interesting conversations and research can occur
      with stolen and recovered art. Why would someone steal this artwork
      (for money or for themselves)? - plus conversations about art careers
      (not as an art thief of course) but curators, FBI, auction houses, etc.
      I think there is even an art game about stolen work. Michele NY

      Continue to add to your resources. I know there is more interest out there.

      Judy Decker


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        Lost and Stolen Art - Feedback

        Greetings John,

        Good news, a member of Art Education 2.0 Network is interested in doing a lesson on Lost and Stolen Art. I have offered to help her "behind the scences"
        I did tell her to write to you personally for some of your resources.

        Here is her post...
        From Pam:

        Has anyone ever done an art lesson based on stolen art ? I would love to do some sort of a lesson where the students have to investigate stolen art. This could be a cross curriculum lesson incorporating science and other areas. Kids these days love shows like CSI and I thought this could be a lot of fun. Maybe the students would even have to go to a website to find clues and what not. I am trying to figure out how to create this lesson.

        I will let you know if she does the lesson.

        Judy Decker


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          this was a very cool lesson ,because i have great interest in stolen art peices..... Stick Out Tongue



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            this was a very cool lesson ,because i have great interest in stolen art peices..... so i will show this to my art students.......


            secirley , lillian


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              stolen artwork

              As I have been victim of stolen art, and have been browsing the web to find a source where one can post images of stolen artwork. if anyone has information about that or other possibilities to bring awarness to collectors of bying stolen works. as well as the possibility to recover the work, please let me know, my email :


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                Lost works of art

                I am trying to track down examples of art that was destroyed (not stolen) during the wars. I've just started a Flickr group for Destroyed Works of Art and architecture at:
                My scans from our photo archives are at:
                The more I research the more I realize that in many instances, important examples of an artist's ouevre are no longer extant. Thanks for Artcyclopedia!


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                  W.K.Kellogg "say---this aint no party " life poster date July 17 1913


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